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Admob Setup
AdMob is a multi platform mobile ad network that allows you to monetize your android app. By integrating AdMob you can start earning right away. It is very useful particularly when you are publishing a free app and want to earn some money from it.
Integrating AdMob is such an easy task that it takes not more than 5mins. In this article we’ll build a simple app with two screen to show the different types of ads that AdMob supports.

1. Type of AdMob Ads

AdMob currently offers below types of ad units. You can choose the ad format depending on your app criteria.
> Banner Ad Banner Ads occupies only portion of the screen depending on the ad size that is created. It comes in multiple sizes Standard, Medium, Large, Full-Size, Leaderboard and Smart Banner. Smart banners are very useful when you target multiple device sizes and fit the same ad depending on the screen size.
> Interstitial Ad Interstitial ads occupies full screen of the app. Basically they will shown on a timely basis, between screen transition or when the user is done with a task. Usually we can see these ads in games displaying Ad when a level is completed.
> Rewarded Video Ad Rewarded Video Ads are fullscreen video ads which offers some reward points if the user watches the ad video. These ads are very useful to offer some reward points / coins in video games.

2. Creating Ad Units

Note: AdMob admin interface changes quite often. The below steps to create Ad Unit IDs might differ time to time.
1. Sign into your AdMob account.
2. Create a new App by giving the package name of the app you want to integrate AdMob. Once the App is created, you can find the APP ID on the dashboard which looks like ca-app-pub-XXXXXXXXX~XXXXXXXXX.
3. Select the newly created App and click on ADD AD UNIT button to create a new ad unit.
4. Select the ad format and give the ad unit a name.
5. Once the ad unit is created, you can notice the Ad unit ID on the dashboard. An example of ad unit id look like ca-app-pub-066XXXXXXX/XXXXXXXXXXX.

6. Save Ad unit ID in notepad file for the config.ts file.

Create as many ad units required for your app.